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SSRT Account View The My Files feature allows PDGT and the Account Holder to share files on a one to one basis.

Any file type my be uploaded at any size.

Please bear in mind your upload internet upload rate. Although there is no size restriction on the site itself, if your upload rate is too low or times-out then the upload will fail.

Due to the manner in which the SSRT site is built, every file that is uploaded is given a unique identifier. In this case a 9 digit number. This is placed directly before the file extension.

Example :
An R-net PC Programming file uploaded from a PC to the site called test_prog_file.r-net, will appear as: test_prog_file-562360000.r-net.

Downloading Files

Please refer to the Files view page for details of different file types and their behaviour.

When a new file is added to this section of an account, an email will be sent to the email registered against that account notifying the user that a new file is available.

Uploading Files

To upload a file to the SSRT :

1 - Click Browse.
This will open a small window allowing you to look through you Computer and find the file to be uploaded.
If the file is on a network, it is advisable to create a copy on your Computer and upload direct from there.

2 - Once the file is found, click Open.

3 - Input something in the description filed.
This is not a required element, however, it may help your contact in PGDT to pick out the correct file.

4 - Click Upload.
Upon successful upload a small window will appear notifying you. You will also see the file within the User Uploaded Files section of the account page.

5 - Notify your contact in PGDT.
It is advisable to drop your contact in PGDT an email notifying them that a file is ready from them.

Account Requests

To request an account in the SSRT please follow this link >> Click Here << and fill in the form.

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