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SSRT Account View This page displays the information used to generate you account on the SSRT. It is an account requirement that information associated with it is up to date. Please advise PGDT of any changes.

It is possible to reset your password on this page, see below for instructions.

Manage Your Password

If you would prefer to have a password that is more memorable, or you maintain a regime of changing your passwords on a regular basis then this is where you make the change. The procedure is very simple and swift.

1 - Enter your Current Password.

2 - Enter the new desired password.

3 - Repeat the new desired password.
Copy and Paste should not be used.

4 - Click Submit.

A after a short time, a pop-up window will appear telling you the change has been saved. You are now free to use the new password to login to the SSRT.

Account Requests

To request an account in the SSRT please follow this link >> Click Here << and fill in the form.

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